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Email just got better

Email just got better

As part of our ongoing investment in our solutions, we are hard at work building some great enhancements to our Managed Email servicethe easy and most flexible email system for your business.

These enhancements are free and will soon be available to all our managed email customers.

We’re Improving Spam Filtering Accuracy

First up, we are making improvements to our spam feedback system behind the scenes in order to improve the overall accuracy of our spam filtering.

The goal is to keep more spam out of your Inbox, while also keeping less legitimate email out of the spam folder. 

The feedback provided to our content filtering technology partners will now be fully automated based on user activity within the IMAP spam folder. This change will greatly increase the amount of spam/not spam feedback which trains the filters and should drive accuracy improvements. 

Blacklisting Reduction

In recent months the email industry has seen a dramatic rise in the amount of fraudulent sign-ups using stolen credit cards. This fraudulent activity was resulting in portions of the hosted email platform experiencing repeated blacklistings by other providers.

We have invested resources to address this problem and expanded our manual review process for new accounts, as well as enhanced the mail platform to better identify fraudulent abuse. The result has been a significant increase in prevention of fraud getting into the system, resulting in a corresponding reduction in blacklisting reports.

Brand new shiny blog

Brand new shiny blog

We’re switching blog platform so it is easier to post all the thoughts an industry insights we have and stories the we discover during our day to day life as a Professional Digital Agency.

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